CE - Environmental Hazards 2.0

23 Mar

CE - Environmental Hazards 2.0, 03/23/2023

CE - Environmental Hazards 2.0, 03/23/2023

Thursday, March 23, 2023 (1:00 PM to 3:00 PM)
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DAAR, Ashburn, Virginia CE, CE - Real Estate Related

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A good home inspection should provide the home buyer a thorough education of the property that they are considering investing in.  Not only does a good home inspection protect the home buyer from buying property with defects they were not aware of, it should also point some of the possible environmental hazards they might encounter.
The course provides the Real Estate professional with education on 5 areas of Environmental Hazards that home inspectors and realtors should be aware of during their review of the home.  This course will allow RE agents to better understand 5 environmental problems (and their potential consequences) and in some cases allow them to spot potential problems even prior to the home inspection.  This provides them the ability to set their client's expectations going into the home inspection.   

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Seth Hurlbert
All my life I have been taking things apart, figuring out what was wrong, repairing it, and putting it back together.  I used to work on everything from small equipment like lubrication injectors and pumps, to air compressors that were larger than a truck. I have done repairs both in my own home and for other people since I was a teenager. So when I needed a change in career, home inspecting seemed like a great fit. I like doing inspections because I am always meeting new people and learning new things.  Even after 16 years in the business I’m seeing new and interesting things all the time!  The best part of being an inspector is helping my clients really understand the home they are investing in.  Sometimes it’s pristine, and sometimes it’s not, but at least they know what they are getting into.  I enjoy talking with my clients and explaining not only what is found at the inspection, but also how their new home works.  I feel that I am really helping my clients and that my work is important and appreciated. When I’m not doing inspections you can find me out on the water: I like to canoe and do a bit of fishing on the local waterways.  When I win the lottery I will own my own sailboat again—I used to race, and would love to sail regularly.  I also enjoy taking trips with my family.  My wife Mary and I like to take extended weekend trips, and sometimes we take her parents along. We have two grown children who are both charming and intelligent. My son Jud is close by in Fairfax, and my daughter Abbey lives in New York City, where I visit a few times a year and usually help build furniture or hang shelves.

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