Marketing/Communications Conference

24 Feb

Marketing Mastery! - Marketing & Communications Conference

Marketing Mastery! - Marketing & Communications Conference

Friday, February 24, 2017 (9:00 AM to 3:00 PM)

DAAR-2, Ashburn, Virginia

- Marketing with Intention: We all need to market to attract clients. But is your marketing drawing in enough of the “right” clients? Figure out who your best prospective clients are, so you can start engaging with real buyers, instead of wasting time and money on leads that go nowhere. Discover what you can do to get more of the right clients into your pipeline. And understand “when” people really buy, and “why” they will want to buy from YOU!

- Brand Building: Pump Up the Value!: Branding is more than putting your photo on a bench, buggy, or business card. It’s about creating the perception that you are the only one who can deliver on their expectations. Learn how to implement consistent, compelling, and strategic branding that leads to new clients and more closings!

- Real Estate Purpose: The 5 Areas of Focused Energy:  Prospecting ... Marketing ... Contracts ... Emails … Phone Calls. With so much to do, it’s easy to lose sight of the fundamentals. Learn the simple techniques for approaching each day and the five most important areas where you should concentrate your energy.

- Powerful Prospecting: To meet consistent sales goals, you must keep your pipeline full. This session will walk you through the five stages of prospecting and show you how you can use them to ensure that you’ll never run out of leads!

- Never Lose a Client — Leverage Your CRM! - Successful agents are those who adapt to current sales trends, who know that simply placing listings on a website just isn’t enough. Learn why a customer relations management system is essential to your business, and how to use it to build, connect, and engage with your audience, integrate marketing campaigns, and create a sales funnel that turns prospects into clients!

- Turn Your Website into the Hub of Your Business! - Find out what type of content you should be creating and how to use basic SEO to make your website stand out. Learn the six steps you must follow before publishing your blog or video on your website. And find out how to get discovered by your target audience and get them off of your computer and in front of your face!

DAAR-2 - Classroom 2
DAAR-2 (Classroom 2)
21720 Red Rum Drive, #177
Ashburn, VA 20110

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Byrd, Eric

Eric L. Byrd is a trainer, coach, author and entrepreneur. He is the founder and principal coach at Pitch for Success, a company he started in 2013 to teach people how to create profitable relationships for the 21st century.
Eric has taught over 8,000 professionals through his online courses and live training events since launching Pitch for Success. He is here to show you how you can make more money, be more satisfied and enjoy your career by learning how to connect, communicate and inspire those around you to act.