CE - Deeds in VA

23 Jun

CE - Deeds in Virginia, 06/23/2022

CE - Deeds in Virginia, 06/23/2022

Thursday, June 23, 2022 (9:00 AM to 11:00 AM)
2 hours RE Related CE Hours
DAAR-Large Classroom, Ashburn, Virginia

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Will all the paperwork that goes into a real estate transaction, the deed is one of the most important.  It is the legal document that conveys title, establishes how the purchasers will hold title (which can include built in estate planning and asset protection) and creates a warranty for the purchasers.  Join us for a discussion that will cover warranties, tenancy, coveyancer and general procedures on recordation, taxes and exemptions.

DAAR-Large Classroom - Large Classroom
DAAR-Large Classroom (Large Classroom)
21720 Red Rum Drive, #177
Ashburn, VA 20110

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Sonia R Downard
Sonia received a Bachelor’s degree in Finance degree from American University in 1999, and graduated from the George Mason University School of Law in 2002. She started working in the real estate industry immediately after graduating from law school in 2002. Sonia left real estate for a few years to be a public defender but was excited to return to her professional roots in 2010. She has conducted thousands of real estate settlements and represented clients in all aspects of the real estate industry, including short sale transactions, contract negotiations and disputes, and landlord-tenant disputes. Sonia is a member of the Virginia State Bar, the Northern Virginia Association of Realtors® Brincefield Attorney Roundtable, and Virginia Association of Realtors® Attorney Roundtable. When not at the office, Sonia enjoys spending time with her husband Michael and their chihuahua Dio.

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