PLE- Virginia Agency Law

19 Sep

PLE- Virginia Agency Law - 09/19/2018

PLE- Virginia Agency Law - 09/19/2018

Wednesday, September 19, 2018 (12:00 PM to 3:00 PM)
3 hours PLE Agency Law CE Hours
DAAR-2, Ashburn, Virginia

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This 3 hour course is for the new licensee as part of their post license education requirement and provides a comprehensive summary of Virginia agency laws including history of agency in Virginia and the basics of agency relationships. The course covers the types of agency and non agency relationships in Virginia and the duties and responsibilities of agents to their clients and customers. Brokerage agreements and agency disclosure forms will be discussed and the Virginia Real Estate Board’s Guidance Document on the necessity for brokerage agreements will be reviewed. At the conclusion of the course the student will have a working understanding of the agency laws in Virginia, relationships created plus necessity for written disclosures and agreements.

DAAR-2 - Classroom 2
DAAR-2 (Classroom 2)
21720 Red Rum Drive, #177
Ashburn, VA 20110

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Bill Roth - Instructor

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